Above-Ground Burials

Naperville Cemetery offers families an alternative to in-ground burials. A mausoleum/columbarium was built in 2012. The center section houses the single crypts with columbariums on either side comprised of both companion and single niches. A second columbarium was built in the fall of 2017, containing single and companion niches. The single niches measure 12" x 12"x 12" and the companion niches measure 12" x 24"x 12". In the companion niches the urns sit side-by-side with no divider between them. The name and date of birth and death is engraved into the granite front. Pre-approved emblems or the veteran medallion can be placed between the dates. Pricing is determined by the level of both the crypts and niches. An inurnment/entombment fee is paid at the time of need. Wood urns are not allowed.

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