Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do you have any graves available?
A. Yes, we currently have many graves available. Also available are crypts in the mausoleum and niches in the columbariums.

Q. Can you bury two people in one grave?
A. The following can be buried in one grave:

Q. What kind of urn is used for ground burial?
A. Urns for ground burial must be sealed and made of a non-biodegradable material. Some urns are made just for ground burial. Consult with your funeral director or the cemetery before purchasing an urn if you are choosing ground burial. Wood urns are not permitted for ground burial unless they are placed in an urn vault which is purchased at the funeral home. Check with the cemetery before purchasing an urn vault especially if this is the second burial in the grave because of space constraints.

Q. What type of urn can be placed in a niche?
A. The urn must be sealed and made of a non-biodegradable material. Wood urns are not permitted. The niches vary in size, so please consult with your funeral director or the cemetery regarding the size requirements before making your urn selection.

Q. What is a mausoleum?
A. A mausoleum is an alternative to ground burial. Our mausoleum has 50 crypts and each crypt has room for one regular sized sealer casket. The mausoleum is a free standing outdoor structure. The crypts have Dakota mahogany granite fronts that are engraved with the deceased’s information.

Q. What options do I have if I want to be cremated?
A. Your cremains can be placed in an urn and buried in the ground or the urn can be placed in a niche in a columbarium. We have both single and companion niches. In a companion niche, 2 urns sit side-by-side. We have several columbariums throughout the cemetery. A columbarium is a free standing outdoor structure.

Q. How much do graves cost?
A. Prices vary based on grave type. Our pricing is very comparable to other cemeteries in the area. The mausoleum and columbariums are very affordable. Prices for the single and companion niches range in price depending on the location of the niche and the crypts range in price depending on their location. These prices include the bronze name plaque or engraving depending on the niche. The crypts are engraved. Please call for current pricing.

Q. Is there a charge for mowing the grass?
A. No additional fees or yearly assessments are required to be paid by the families for maintenance of the grounds/trees. When a purchase is made, 15% of that purchase price goes into a perpetual care fund and that money is used for all grounds/trees maintenance. The cemetery is audited annually by the state to be sure we are in compliance with the State of Illinois Care Act.

Q. Can people buy graves in advance?
A. Yes, selecting a final resting place may be done at any time.

Q. Are there any other cemetery fees?
A. There are additional cemetery charges for opening and closing the graves, niches and crypts. These charges are not payable until the time they are incurred. These fees will vary by site and by the day and time the service is performed. Please call for pricing.

Q. What kind of marker / monument can I have?
A. The size of the marker varies according to the number of graves owned.

Q. When is the biannual cleanup conducted?
A. The cemetery schedules two cleanups per year. They are held in the spring and the fall. Signs are posted in the cemetery generally one month prior to the scheduled cleanup.

Q. Can I pay for cemetery charges with a credit card?
A. The cemetery only accepts checks or cash. All cemetery charges must be paid in full prior to any service being rendered.

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